Computer Repiars and Upgrades

screamWhen your computer or laptop is slow or not working at all, you need it fixed fast and done right the first time, SIG Consults is here!  We offer a full range of PC Computer diagnostics and repair services.  We also repair and upgrade laptops and Microsoft Windows servers too!

We are just a phone call away 08034341134, 08065728539, or visit our contact page.. We take every client seriously small or large, technophobe or power user. If its not working for you, its not working for us.  Your satisfaction on your computer repair or laptop repair is what matters to us.  We will make it right.

SIG Consults can come to you and provide on location laptop and computer repairs and upgrades or you can call us  and we will make sure to deliver when needed. We also can provide pick up and delivery of equipment for an additional charge for companies, organizations, institutions, individuals.

Our Onsite (at your location) rate for laptop or computer repair and upgrades is N5,000 per hour.

Generally computer repairs fall into two categories.  Hardware and Software.

Hardware Repairs: Hardware repairs can range from the simple, it doesn’t work to the highly complex, it works sometimes.  Screens on laptops crack, Network Cards go bad, hard disks fail.  We can handle it all.  A quick assessment, free if dropped off at our location,  will get you a quote before any charges occur. In a worst case scenario we can recover data from most failed systems and assist you with purchase of a replacement.

Software Repairs: Operating System and Applications can get corrupted over time, it is rare, but does happen.  More likely, virus, malware, spyware or adware is effecting your system. Removing viruses can be tricky, even with good up-to-date Anti-Virus in place.  Sometimes a complete rebuild is required to assure an infection free system.



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signs of virus attack

signs of virus attack


Many people have no idea that they have a computer virus infection, until it is too late, and the damage is already done!

Several HUGE mistakes made by computer users include: having no antivirus software installed at all, having out of date antivirus software installed, or having antivirus software installed without proper education on detecting and preventing viruses!

Ladies and gentleman, the year is 2013, and more complex, socially engineered (“easy to fool you”) computer viruses are making their way from a hackers workstation, into your cherished home computer!

These new types of malware can be difficult to detect by even “high-grade” antivirus software, and when detected can be virtually impossible to remove; while wiping out your priceless music, pictures, videos and documents – instantly!

It is becoming increasingly more important, to learn how to identify a possible computer virus infection, before any major damage is done.


  • Antivirus software indicates that there is a virus infection on the computer (obvious isn’t it!)
  • Constant pop-ups are appearing and/or browser re-directs (being unintentionally directed to other web sites than those that you selected)
  • Documents and files disappear (deleted)
  • DVD and CD-Rom drives open and close by themselves, or may not be detected in Windows
  • Files and folders will not open at all
  • Instead of logging into the desktop with icons after the Windows “splash screen”, the computer just shows a black screen and a cursor
  • Low memory errors pop up even if there is no memory true memory problem
  • People are receiving emails that you don’t recall sending
  • Programs that are installed are instantly deleted
  • Software, files, pictures, music, video etc; start to open/run without the user commanding those actions.
  • Sounds may play randomly, from the computer speakers
  • The computer restarts randomly and unexpectedly
  • The computer will not boot into Windows even though no software was installed or updates were performed
  • The computer’s starting or loading time to get into Windows takes excessively long.
  • When new programs are installed, they either don’t work or have constant problems
  • Windows does not startup, and a message is shown stating: “…system files are missing.”
  • Windows Firewall or third party firewall software has been disabled
  • Windows password(s) have been changed without the user(s) making the changes
  • Windows Security Center has been disabled
  • Windows task manager will not open
  • Windows updates will not install successfully
  • You are suddenly receiving more spam to your email inbox(s)
  • You get random BSODs (Blue Screen Of Death)
  • Your broadband modem is showing traffic activity, when you aren’t using the internet
  • Your computer seems to “move” very slowly, and your task manager may indicate high CPU usage, even when you are running no programs at all (i.e. 100% CPU usage)
  • A computer will not boot up after powering on (rare cases – “Boot virus”).


There are more symptoms associated with computer virus infections, but it is important to recognize important clues that could spell complete digital disaster! If you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed and you aren’t sure if your computer is infected or not, always call a knowledgeable technician for assistance; it’s better safe than sorry!

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Website Design

Imagewe are proud to say that Website Design, Website Redesign, Website Development, Website Application are our specialty. We strive to design and develop websites that our clients love.
Each website project is run by a dedicated Project Manager with a customized strategy and creative direction. Your business is unique and we build websites that mirror that uniqueness.

Why Your Business Need A Website?

  • Create leads by encouraging new website visitors to phone or email you.
  • Facilitate leads from other marketing avenues by providing your website as an information brochure.
  • Generate new sales online through ecommerce.
  • Market your brand by creating an impressive online presence.
  • Engage current customers with relevant, customized website information.
  • If you have a website already, ask yourself if your website achieves any of those objectives. If you don’t have a website, we suggest you use these to work out what your website should achieve. And that’s where we come in – to help you construct your objectives and turn these into a website that you love!

Types of Website.

Type of Website Description
Basic Website This is the simplest form of website. Basic website is primarily
used for brochure sites and can include graphics, animation and
java scripts driven features.
Dynamic Website Dynamic websites on server side scripting to provide advanced
interactivity and usually use a database to deliver the content
for individual pages.
Content Management Website Content Management system provides a password‐protected
interface through which users can add, edit and remove content
from the site.
Database-Driven Website This kind of website gives you the flexibility of inserting and
retrieving with forms by integrating a database.
Web Portal This type of website is basically used for forums, e-mails, search engines, databases and online shopping malls.

Other Optional Features We Offer When We Develop a Website For Your Company.

  • Customized E-mail address with
  • Customized E-mail forwarder ( Each mail sent from your site contact us page, a thank you for contacting us will  be automatically sent to the e-mail address provided by your visitors..)
  • Face book fan page (For internet marketing and letting people know about your company and what your company does.)
  • Web Marketing/ Search Engine Optimization (advertizing your company and making it search able by search engines like Google, yahoo and others )

Website and Your Business

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Cloud Computing and Web Hosting Compared

There is much confusion regarding the differences between web hosting and cloud computing. Many are now familiar with web hosting, and how people can create websites to reach others around the world. A web host holds data for a website on their server, and when someone from anywhere in the world searches for the website, its server makes the data available.


What’s Cloud Computing? Continue reading

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