Computer Repiars and Upgrades

screamWhen your computer or laptop is slow or not working at all, you need it fixed fast and done right the first time, SIG Consults is here!  We offer a full range of PC Computer diagnostics and repair services.  We also repair and upgrade laptops and Microsoft Windows servers too!

We are just a phone call away 08034341134, 08065728539, or visit our contact page.. We take every client seriously small or large, technophobe or power user. If its not working for you, its not working for us.  Your satisfaction on your computer repair or laptop repair is what matters to us.  We will make it right.

SIG Consults can come to you and provide on location laptop and computer repairs and upgrades or you can call us  and we will make sure to deliver when needed. We also can provide pick up and delivery of equipment for an additional charge for companies, organizations, institutions, individuals.

Our Onsite (at your location) rate for laptop or computer repair and upgrades is N5,000 per hour.

Generally computer repairs fall into two categories.  Hardware and Software.

Hardware Repairs: Hardware repairs can range from the simple, it doesn’t work to the highly complex, it works sometimes.  Screens on laptops crack, Network Cards go bad, hard disks fail.  We can handle it all.  A quick assessment, free if dropped off at our location,  will get you a quote before any charges occur. In a worst case scenario we can recover data from most failed systems and assist you with purchase of a replacement.

Software Repairs: Operating System and Applications can get corrupted over time, it is rare, but does happen.  More likely, virus, malware, spyware or adware is effecting your system. Removing viruses can be tricky, even with good up-to-date Anti-Virus in place.  Sometimes a complete rebuild is required to assure an infection free system.



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