Cloud Computing and Web Hosting Compared

There is much confusion regarding the differences between web hosting and cloud computing. Many are now familiar with web hosting, and how people can create websites to reach others around the world. A web host holds data for a website on their server, and when someone from anywhere in the world searches for the website, its server makes the data available.


What’s Cloud Computing?

In cloud computing, data is held in a large data center or centers which are spread around the world. It is different from web hosting in several ways: the provider is given a lot more control; it is elastic, meaning it can handle decreasing or increasing demands; and it is sold on demand. The great advantage of cloud computation is its ability to cope with sudden spikes in demand of customers. Before, when there’s a quick rush of traffic to a site, the server cannot handle it, and visitors can no longer get to the site. This does not pose a problem in cloud computing, because it can deal with changes in demand levels quite easily.

Cloud computing can either be public or private. An organization or institution could create a private cloud accessible only to its members. While a public cloud allows other people to join, who can store their website files this way. After data is stored in the cloud, you can then back it up with plenty of computing power.

Here is how cloud computing works: if there’s a sudden rise in demand for a website, the server could call in other servers to help meet the demand. There is plenty of spare space in cloud computing, because not all websites or applications on file are going to be in demand all the time. Previously, any spare capacity is not utilized, but this is changing with cloud computing.

Cloud computing offers solutions to the many problems associated with web hosting. Site owners often work hard promoting their websites, and when these work and people go dropping by the websites, web owners need to be assured that their servers will not let them down.Or if your blog post suddenly becomes hot on the web with the tons of people worldwide who want to read it, cloud computing now makes it possible for you to do it.

By sigconsults

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